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Winning the Biggest Slots Jackpots with Boss Media Casino Jackpots

Some of the biggest online slots jackpots and multiple games in the world are available with Boss Media casino jackpots. These incredible slots games here have jackpots that climb into the millions of Euros, even with bets that are under a single Euro. However, in order for players to qualify to win these massive jackpots, they must actually play the games.

Progressive pots

Several of the available Boss Media casino jackpots microgaming are attached to the casino's most popular slots games. Games like Alladin's Lamp offer special progressive jackpots, where players contribute a small side bet to qualify for the pot. Each of those side bets go into a single pot, and over the course of a few days a million games are played before the pot is one. On average, by the time the side pot on Alladin's Lamp pays out, over 1.7 million Euros have been collected. All of that money can go to a single winner.

Other Popular Games

Currently there are over 30 exciting Boss Media casino games jackpots, each climbing into the hundreds of thousands of Euros. Some of the most popular of these are the slots games Formula X Grand and Super 7 Super. Formula X Grant features some exciting graphics inspired by the popular Formula 1 races. Players can race their favorite cards around the reels, hoping to land on just the right combination of symbols to win.

With millions of Euros up for grabs, it's no wonder Boss Media casino jackpots and card game are some of the most popular games in the world. Everyone wants a chance at the huge amounts paid out every day, and they are glad to know they can have fun while doing it.